Sometimes I just wanna open up and let loose,

But my vocal cords get disconnected and I shut down damn true,

Tears of pain come down all night through,

Those puddles mysterious huddles wont dry up soon,

My anger gets the best of me sometimes irrationally fueled,

But the desire to leap free catches me pants down,

I am on a mission to resist malfunctional outbursts,

Such a unique name for them,

A vaugely seen wave,


The anxiety gets the best of me I better run fast,

Like really avert that,

Reverse first,

To stay cool and to be reminded of an honest fact,

That I am the grape from the best vine,

Do not detest and deribe,

I am perfect and you better open your eyes wide chap,

Or miss the half of me that actually believes that ,trust that

I am perfect,

A devine lass.


I am strong,your doings cannot derail me,

I am wise,your words cannot foolish me,

I am a winner,loser cannot scare me,

You have mistreated me far too long,

You have buttered my innocence way too far,

You have for long prided in my helplessness,

This time round I dictate the cards we play,

My life is no longer a joke ,a mere comic book,

But a story rewritten in plain clear view,

With a theme not just some ludicrous tomfoolery,

Take a seat and watch me ridiculously,

As I work my way up to the real being I’m meant to be not not meant to be not,

What you hate about me man,someone who told me he loved

Am beating you to the ground for everytime you said I was null,

I’m shurving you back for everytime you played the role of perfect enemy.


On the street he lays,

With cold drops of dew on his sage,

It’s already dawn,

Even as he stretches and yawns,

The glue he goosed,

Is still freshly presumed,

His sullied, fissured feet carry him down the alley,

To the shop right down the rally,

With his tummy catastrophically rumbling,

He is quickly extruded far from the highly polished,

His sight is a view pathetic enough,

Even though he has done no wrong so coldly,

They remind him he is homeless it’s gory,

Anyway he chooses to be one whose jolly,

He disappears into the miasma,

For deep within he savvys,

Even if he fizzles,

No one will be left to worry,

His homelessnes is the identity he forever mislays.

Homeless people did no wrong to anyone more so the little ones. Circumstances led them to being what they are and believe me these people are human like the rest of us.They are not the problem but the result of the problem.Who are we if we ignore the pain of others?They do not need our pity but painfully adequately they need our dire help,even by just a penny and not necessarily a dollar.


It has taken the toll again,
A  dreadful  dissolution,
A  long  lasting  fermentation,
A  cold  hearted  disintegration,
It  is  our  daily  dose,
A  culture   and  an  anthem,
For  the  soul  a  decomposition,
Corruption  the  perfect  routine.

Everyone  does  it  including  me,
No  ones  perfect   and   the  sooner  you  see,
Man  is  full  of   sinfulness  and wickedness,
Shocking  right?
Just  when  you  thought  you  were  the  good one,
Well  Bummer!
You’re  not.

We  cannot  throw  it  away,
Are  you  kidding  me,
Even  the  little  kids  are  perceiving  it,
We  need  to  survive,
Feed  our  needs,
Get  a  job,
School  it  is,
To  avade  trouble,
Avoid  the  courtroom,
Justice  is  crumbling,
Makes  me  think  of  a  boxer  receiving  a  knockout punch,
A  slack  in  pace ,
The  poor  we  pitty,
Rectitude   is  not  theirs  for  keeps,
It  is  for the  upscale   well – heeled,
The  moneyed peeps.

Doctors   receive  big   fat  cheques,
While  patients   are  lured  into  neglect  leading  to  death,
Our  children  lack  proper   education,
They  are  one  plus  one  equals  nada
Where  is  the  money  kept  aside  for  that?

Our  police  are  destroying  the   system,
Crime  solving   is  the  new  menace,
What   do   we  do,
Murders  are  swirling  in,
The   culprits  are  barbarous  indeed.

Drivers  are  not  competent   still,
Conductors   are  part  of  that  bridge,
Passengers  perish  everyday,
Our  roads  no longer  safe.

No  more  transparency  even  among  the  wise  ones  of   the  nation,
The jargons of  the  policies,
Where  are  all  the  promises  made,
The  ones  meant  to  keep,
We  are  standing  on the  edge,
While  our   greatness  as  a  people  not  an  interest,
Some are  innocent,
Others  eaten  by  guilt,
Others  not  bothered by  will.

Sometimes I  get  it,
There  is  no  choice,
Such  debauchery  is  a  self  defence,
For  we  need  to  survive,
In  a  nation   where   corruption  has   become   the   hotbed.
What  degree  of  shear  nonsense!

It  was   once   said   we  must  be  the   change   we   wish   to  see   in   the   world.Its  starts  with  me and  you.corruption  is  a  rot,a  spoilage   and  a   pure  putrescence.
Then  why  don’t   we   start   over   with  no  regrets


Papa, I wonder, do you see me down here?

I’ve tried to open the door,

To peace and drastic hope,

Half way all through,

I cried my eyes out,

I was fine on the outside,

But from inside a coward,

I was hopeless and confused,

That was all I could see,

Papa,where are you?

Do you see me down here?

I was blinded and broken,

Other kids could have their father’s,

Where did mine go?

I wondered,

It remains a smack to the face,

A terrible truth if I may say,

And I constantly wonder,

Do you see me down here?

Sometimes I needed to release,

All the anger in me ,

I really dreaded it,

Papa you left!Why did you leave!

How could you leave!

Papa you’ll always have a room in my mind,

Your little girl,

I will always be,

These walls are my blank expressions,

For my possible perceptions,

Or maybe your deception,

I don’t get it papa,

Didn’t you wanna see me grow,

I guess your pride was more to it,

Your ignorance a perfect hitch,

Alcohol , your best pal,

Partying , your daily grind,

Sometimes I think you never cared,

If you did you should have been there,

You should have been there watching,

Instead you stood me up,

For all these years waiting,

Papa you left me waiting,

At the window waiting,

It got you captured,

I was a kid and I couldn’t get it,

Maybe I will feel better as time passes,

If you really cared,

Where you at then?

Papa , do you see me down here

Do you see me?

Do you?

All I feel is pain whenever I picture you,

I hate the way I cannot remember you,

I still look up to the sky always,

Though now it’s a bit different,

I can’t open up to you papa,

I can’t let loose,

I can’t see you clear,

I don’t know you,

I’ve grown up so fast papa,

You felt the sharp knife of short life,

May The lord make you a rainbow,

So that you shine down on me and mother,

My thoughts are far worth more than a penny,

Maybe just but a dollar,

Rest in peace papa,

But I still got to ask,

Do you see me down here?



They pride in calling you a wife,

Smile at saying you are a mother,

Then again memories are prone to haunt,

As you look back indeed it’s evident,

Just like the morning sun,

That the past is sad,

Marriage was always on top of your list,

In came he ,the person of interest,

You called it love at first sight,

You were too naive to realise ,

It was trouble that was coming,

Your parents approved or deep down the knew,

But either way,

In between your happiness stood,

Few months later,

You are compelled to get used to his rule,

You kept your mouth shut,

A cover up for some uncomfortable truth,

In his drunk state he always left you a pitious wreck,

You remained brutalized,

Shame thrown at you,

Your decency lost,

You slaved for that ungrateful hog,

And for heavens sake he never listed you into his payroll,

You bore him children but he showed no concern,

He nonetheless cared about nothing,

Your face a constant punching bag,

Swollen with wounds and bruises all through,

The trauma left you young ones miserable ,

They soil their pants and cry their eyes out all through,

You noticed the signs early enough,

You failed to step out ,

You always looked back,

Forgave him like you thought he would change,

Say sorry for what you never did,

Now you are left out on the cold,

With nowhere to go,

Your meal is your pain.,

Because you didnt have the courage to stay away,

You were the coward that gathered pity,

Funny how it would take walking away from these mirrors to see you,

People you don’t know get emotional just seeing you,

It indeed is a shame,

For you were a coward to your own abuse!!!

Women may receive all the attention and care from all around the globe because of physical domestic violence but it starts with them to get out of it fully.



A bad daydream that wont leave,

She hears his voice from deep within,

It is all clogged in,

It is so insane,

That she feels ashamed,

There is no difference,

Being pushed down a flight of stairs,

And what he did,

No one understood the pain,

What would they say,

The her of her was melted,

Thoroughly dented,

It made her vulnerable,

Sometimes super susceptible,

She feels pathetic,

She never asked for it,

Perhaps the culprit took A for advantage,

Now she has taken P for pathetic,


She won’t forget what happened,

What they demanded,

She longs to break free,

And scrub away the pain,

Wash it everyday,

For a sin she was given,

And a dark side resided,

She is now not afraid of cars and trucks,

But a human race far cursed.

We live in a society that teaches women not to get raped,

Instead of teaching men to stop rape,

Tomorrow is not too late,

Stand up for women today,

It wasn’t her mistake,

It wasn’t her fault,

It was rape!rape!rape!

The victim ends up becoming the accused.Society is foolish for thinking it’s more shameful to be raped but not being a rapist.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

One fight,

One voice,

Against rape culture.


Scars do not fade,they do not heal in time,they may last forever.

She got a secret,that nobody knows,

A painful secret that continues to grow,

But stubborn,she stands on her own,

Thinking it shall all pass and go,

Well she’s wrong:

The cursing ,the beating,

The punches and kicking,

All in one night,

Because of being home late for the first time,

He comes again,

With flowers at hand,

With a sorry in line,

For what he did,

She accepts and moves on.

The splitting , the chocking,

The pinching,the mocking,

Once again,

Because she broke a glass,

On the floor of her closet,

She cries,

Her spirit broken inside,

He comes home,with a box of chocolate,

To say sorry again,

And flowers to double the apology,

She accepts and moves on,

Blood on her lips,

Bruises on her hands,

He called her worthless,

But she remained silent,

All because he saw she was skinny,

No longer beautiful.

A kiss on the cheek,

He says sorry again,

She accepts him back,

Isn’t it too much?

She ignored his rule,

And threatened to leave finally,

He stripped her naked,

And beat her mercilessly,

Now her ribs are hurting,

And she remains frail.

She covers up her once perfect make,

That is filled with bruises and shade,

She covers up her face with make up,

Wears long sleeved shirts for the bruising,

But the punching don’t stop.

She noticed the signs,

It’s all insane,

She never did nothing,

She chose to stay,

For who knows what,

A shame.

Next she knows,

A beating to her grave,

And it surely happens,

She is now dead in her grave,

He brings in flowers,

Full of pretence,

And murmurs,

An unremorsful apology,

With pride on his face,

He says to her goodbye,

All she wanted was love,

From the man she once knew .

Domestic violence is an enemy,it has taken many souls and will keep on.Women have the right to stand up to themselves and not to remain quiet.

The domestic part will never matter because violence will always be violence.Women should not be silent victims.They deserve a life of respect,dignity and freedom-Its never too late to speak up.

At any given moment,

One has the power to say,This is not how the story ends.


You told me it was just a game,
Well  I  guess  it  indeed  is  a  shame,
You  betrayed  my  innocence,
I never knew I  was  in  for  it,
You   said  it  was  okay,
In  my mind   for   you  I  lost  respect,
You   threatened  me  all  the  time,
I  concented    for   fear   of  my  life,
Does   your  dirty   self  sleep   at  night,
As   for  me  I   don’t,
Memories   keep   flushing  in  and  out,
You  succeeded  in  ruining  me,
But  now   the   fight   has  only  began,
People   like   you    deserve   the   worst,
Even  the  painted   walls   can    second   that,
Scared   to   tell  anyone,
I  hated   my   disgusting  self,
I  guess  this   is   where   they   say  cry   no  more,
But  my   eyes   have   no   tears   to  let   out,
All  that  is   left   is  hatred  in   its  fullest,
To   the  one   whom  I  thought   was   harmless.

Abuse  occurs   in  secrecy.
Monsters  do  come  in  all   shapes   and   gender.
We   should   stand  up  to   the   brainwashing,to   the  mindgames.
We  should   fight   against   child   sexual  exploitation!
Don’t  be   blind   to  the   signs.


Ridicule will no longer sway me,
I  am   running   back   to  my   roots ,
Where   I  belong,
Where  my   greatness   stands  tall  but   not  forlon,
I  am  bitter with you,
You  showed nothing but hate,
But   ridiculed  what  I  ate,
You no  longer  hurt me no  way , not  anymore,
For  you there  is  no  love but  a  stash  of   delicious  distaste.


Mother sits on the couch thinking to herself,”once a plant has sprouted from the earth,s soil,there is no turning back.

She  tries  to  stifle her  sob with  the  idea  that  she  is  not  weak  and  fabble  but  has  enough  strength  to  last  her till eternity,if   so  may  be .

There  is  a  man  whose  brutal voice  slit  into  her  eardrums.He  approaches  menacingly like  a  mad  bull ,wanting  to  put  up  a  fight with  his  mother.

“Why  is  this  happening”….It  is  as  if   a  curse has  befallen her.A large  cloud  holding  nothing  but  sorrow   hovering  around.She  then starts:

For nine months I  held you in my  womb,
Enduring the  pains,
Taking  rests,
Ensuring  that I ate  well,
You  received  that which I gulped down,

A  voice  to  which  I could  not  decipher came  to  me,
With an incomprehensible urge it came,
Pleading  that I keep the  child   I did,
As  they say,
Children  are  the  pride  of  their  parents.

An immense  sense  of  satisfaction  came,
The  day  came  for  you  to  be  born,
Finally   you  took  tour   first   gulp  of  lacrid  air.

It  was  now  for  me  to  meet  your  needs,
In the  scorching  son day by  day,
I did  took for  you my son,

Make  less harsh  your  words,
With  some   cold  drops  of   decency,
Do not make me  misconster  you,
Or lay a curse upon your life,

Your  bearing  will  bring  you  trouble,
So I  entreat  you to bring  down those shadows,
I know not the  knot  of  phlegm  in  my   throat,
For I rack my  brains  to  find you  an  antidote.

Maybe  my words are   not  meritorious,
But indeed  mere  sentiments  from a  mother,
To  you  let  them be  a  blubber,
Like  a  rotten  apple ,
Your  heart is ,
Like  a villain,a  smiling cheek indeed,

Like an eagle approaching a lonely chick,
Like a  lion wallowing in pain,
Do not  let  the  demons inside  eat,
Instead  be  free  from  it…
Change before  it’s too late,
Do  not   await  regret.


Sitted with a stillness of death,

A yearning with a weapon at hand,

Watching the people at large,

With a wish to fulfill at last,

To what ,how and why?Why me?

I lay down on the street crying,

With nothing to gobble on,

I must heal and juggle on,

I’m walking in a valley,

That of a shadow,

With scary monsters,

Upon the meadow,

I look old and rugged,

So the people say,

As they walk on,

They stare at my face

Secluded in a corner,

My stomach rumbles,

They pity me indeed,

Let my agitation speak for me,

I surely hope,

One day sometime,

I shall rise out of a past rooted in sheer pain,

It is not forever,

That I shall dwell in my poverty.

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