I have a history in form of scars,

You don’t believe me?

Take a seat and visualize,

I am like a map,

All my territories have been touched,

My scars have reminded me of my past,

Forever they have left a mark,

Each tells a story,

Physical,emotional, mental,

They do not taste like a glass of wine,

They are dark as night,

Regardless they are mine,

Countless just like the sand,

They don’t always show,

They ask I say “I’m fine”,

These scars are bound to remain,

Strong I’ve become,

As I wear them each time.

15 thoughts on “SCARS.”

  1. Scars are proof we survived the battle… our battle wounds. And they become our armor eventually, whenever people try to inflict the same kind of pain on us in the same spot… we can smile and say “Been there, felt that, done that”. ☺️. I love the power in this poem, Michelle, because it shows your strength and the vulnerabilities, as well. A human being who is not afraid to tell the world “I am human. I feel hurt, but I grow from the pain and embrace the scars left behind.” Wonderful and inspiring poem!

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    1. Thank you!One thing I learn everyday as i journey through life is that human beings are not really perfect and if truly there is one I would wish to meet them.We all have flaws in different forms.Scars are like attires that need to be worn everyday. They are like tatoos that speak of triumph.Truly They are proof we survived. Thank you for your words😊.Personally I’ve experienced alot,even those I shouldn’t have😥,but we thank God.

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      1. You are very welcome, Michelle! I agree. Scars are very much like tattoos of our triumphs. I love that! But, we made it. We’re here. We thank God that He brought us through our struggles and move forward with better insight about life. Maybe help a few people along the way, too. 🙂. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend so far!

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